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Maternity Session Fun

From the Moment Kiviette reached out to me, I knew that I was going to have a good time working with her. She wasn't referred to me by a mutual friend, but her sister has been following me on Instagram (thank you IG!).

Her baby shower was nothing short of an amazing good time with the theme "Baby Ace Takes Vegas!" This was such a unique spin on your traditional baby shower. This was an adult only event, with your traditional casino games spread throughout the venue for all of her guest to enjoy! See photos below.

So next came time to take her maternity photos. Kiviette wasn't sure if she wanted to do them or not, but her close family and friends convinced her that she'd regret not doing them and for her to take a moment to capture this special moment. I'm glad they did :) We had a great time and they came out beautifully. Cheers to all the beautiful mamas and expecting mamas out there and staying true to who you are!

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